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Stéphane Marmier

Stéphane Marmier

Stéphane started skydiving in 2006 and has already around 2000 jumps. His passion being photography and video, he is naturally the best partner for the Championship. He will be the team’s videoman, communicating to the juges, spectators and viewers the best emotions and footage of the jumps.

Olivier Longchamp

Olivier Longchamp

Olivier is a tunnel Instructor at RealFly Sion. He is 23 years old and comes from Geneva, Switzerland. He started skydiving in 2009 and has about 1000 jumps. With more than 250 hours of Windtunnel flying, he ranked 6th at the World Indoor Championship (Freestyle solo) and 4th place at the famous Belgium Airspace competition in April this year.

About Freestyle Skydiving

Dynamics of Gymnastics

Freestyle skydiving combines the dynamics of gymnastics
with the elegance of dance.

Aerial Performance

Aerial performance starts at 13,000 feet (4’000m.) above the ground at speeds up to 150 mph (225km/h).

Competitive Skydiving Discipline

It became a competitive skydiving discipline in the early 1990s
and became an official FAI sport in 1996.

Media Audience

It is now well established as one of the most appealing skydiving events to media audiences.


Scoring is based on the precision, difficulty and creativity of the performance as well as the quality of the camera work.


This is the first sport which includes a cameraman as a team member and incorporates his/her skill and performance into the team’s score.

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